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Author of Strategy
Author has vivid career and ample experience in basketball.
Age - 39 years old.
Started doing basketball in 1988. Since 1993 to 2001 played in B-team, the highest league and reputable clubs of Russia. Capped for Russian Team in his career as basketball player in the course of a year. He was seriously injured in the end of 2011 and had to end up with sports career. Started to enter the first stakes for basketball in 1999, since 2004 has done it on a professional level. In 2003 he was invited to work in Kazakhstan to one of the largest bookmaker's shops of the republic, being employed till 2006 in the Basketball BS Line Analysts and Correction Department. Since 2008 till the present moment - works as a sports commentator on TV, closely cooperates with Basketball Federations of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries. In view of this, the Author does not wish to enclose his personal data in order not to discredit himself in the career and contacts. Journalist, author of numerous sports and analytical articles. Author of strategy "1st and 2nd quarter per favourite" Designed analysis and selection system as to proper games for the present strategy being based, first of all, on the wide author's experience and special algorithm of basketball matches residue and selection.

Vlad Polschikov
Age - 37 years old.
Specializes only in basketball. Favourite league - VTB. Also has intimate knowledge of other European leagues and championships: Euroleague, Eurocup, FIBA, ABA, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Russia, etc. Knows game strategies and style of all top-rated teams in the above listed leagues and championships. Follows transfers of the player and coaches on yearly basis, appearance of new players and traces their performance. Keeps his personal statistics by players (experience, performance, injures, etc.). Worked with journalists in the major sports publishing and had his personal column dedicated basketball. Engaged in basketball class in the course of four years in the University and possesses nonprofessional experience. The first stakes were done in 2002. Professional stakes performed in 2007. Enters stakes on the strategy "1st and 2nd quarter per favourite". Invited to project Betbol.ru for the vacant position of analyst in December 2015 for his high results on the strategy "1st and 2nd quarter per favourite".

Dariya Komava

Operator, Community Administrator. Dariya has rapidly blended into our team and learned the strategy in details. She is always ready to help and makes prompt replies for the majority of asked question in Vkontakte.

Dariya's page in Vkontakte: https://vk.com/id378199552

Wishing become a member of our team?

In view of project extension and new live format opening we look for talented and perspective analysts from all cities of (namely, cities and, preferably, from large cities) CIS and worldwide.

Would you like to work in our team?
Tell us about your fascinating results in the strategy "1st and 2nd quarter per favourite" and become a part of our project.

What will you need to do?
In a few words - you will enter stakes in live cash offices of BSs in your town/city by our three main strategies for the budget allotted by us. You will get 85% of net profit, 15% transfer for our bank account every week.

What an income?
You are going to earn from guaranteed 20 000 roubles a week - it is the least.

Other terms:
1. Pretenders' selection is performed on the competitive basis (the higher your results more chances you have to be included into our team).
2. After passing selection you will have a ten-days testing. You will have to demonstrate all your potential within this period. You are going to have two-week FREE training by Skype with the Strategy's Author and with other Project Analysts after testing. Testing period of ten days and training with us is not payable. Then, you start earning from the first day.
3. When selection, testing and training is passed - be ready to come to our city for two working days for personal acquaintance and to conclude a Partner Agreement. Travel and accommodation costs are paid by the employer in full, i.e. by us.
4. Pretenders' age - 21 and above.
5. You should be ready to work five days a week (particularly at night time). Availability of personal car is welcome.
6. You should have experience in sports stakes (namely in the live cash offices of bookmaker's shops).
7. Experience in work with the strategy "1st and 2nd quarter per favourite" is essential. The rest you will be taught.
8. You are to posses citizenship of the country you reside as well as registration is to be of the country you live in.
9. You do not have to anything and will not enter the stakes for your costs, training and cooperation with us is absolutely free for you. Hereinafter - you are going to work with our budget being allotted then specially as to your town/city. You are required to: first of all - possess decency, analytical thinking, readiness to work five days a week (mainly, at night time), teamwork skills. You should fit abovementioned criteria.

Inquire about the list of countries and town/cities, where our partners are already available. Seeing your town/city in the list means you may undergo additional training at place of residence.
Send your CV and operational experience to email: betbol@bk.ru

Strategy "1st or 2nd quarter per favourite" is absolutely safe! See for yourself. We provide you with one analysed match every day at no cost!
Matches for work under this strategy are available daily! Between 2 to 15 matches every day!
You may work under this strategy in the Internet, on the site of bookmaker's shop as well as in a classic live box!
Contact details Тел.: +7 (777) 167-07-70
E-mail: betbol@bk.ru
Working hours: 9 a.m.– 9 p.m. Moscow time, seven days a week.
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