Бесплатный матч размещается в зеленной рамке среди платных. Бесплатные выдаются в основном со среды по воскресение, каждый день или через день по 1шт. и доступны всем зарегистрированным пользователям. Платные подписчики получают от 4-х, до 15-ти проанализированных матчей каждый день.
Analyzed matches for paid subscription
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Green Frame
analyzed matches for strategy
"1st or 2nd quarter on the favorite"
Match start Who plays What stake on
Green Frame
analyzed matches for strategy
"1st or 2nd quarter on the favorite"
Match start02.04.2020
Who plays
What stake on

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  1. Access to all analyzed matches from a paid subscription, to work on the strategy "1st or 2nd quarter on the favorite." Every day you will receive from 4 to 15 predicted matches to work on this strategy, throughout the duration of your chosen subscription. Analyzed matches are issued every day, without days off;
  2. You will have your online chat with forecasters and other users of the project (Attention * Chat with users and forecasters is available only in paid subscription). You will receive technical support, instructions and answers to any questions on the live chat, every day. Also in chat, you can share your experience with other subscribers from a paid subscription.
  3. Possibility to ask specialized questions on strategy;
  4. Faster and more detailed feedback;
  5. Possibility to renew the subscription at the old price;
  6. Special bonuses, only for paid subscription;
  7. The opportunity to become our partner in our city.
How we are working
  • Every day, the analyst team analyzes from 150 to 300 basketball matches and selects 20 to 30 matches
  • From 20-30 matches are selected from 4 - 15 most reliable
  • All analyzed matches are placed in paid subscription
  • You study the strategy and work out the finished analyzed matches in LIVE for this strategy
  • Your bank is growing every day
Contact details E-mail: betbol@bk.ru
Working hours: 9 a.m.– 9 p.m.
Moscow time, seven days a week.
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